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Driving blind in the business world can stall your success. That’s why you need an accounting firm with a proven track record. For over 25 years, Warner Pearson Vandejen & Consultants, PLLC has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like yourself move their focus away from financial worries and back to where it’s important – running your business.


All the support you need

We can provide you with advice on structuring your business in a tax-efficient manner, reducing the tax burden, target pricing, and boosting profit margins 52 weeks a year. When you remain up to date with your tax obligations, you’re more likely to remain solvent and win the trust of potential investors. Banks and other lenders want to see evidence of tax compliance. We can help you meet their expectations.

Keeping you informed

At Warner Pearson Vandejen & Consultants, PLLC, we always keep our clients in the loop about the latest developments. We can communicate with the IRS on your behalf. We even provide you with the services of a former IRS agent who knows the latest legislation inside out. Tax can be incredibly complex, which is why it’s so important to get the support of a market-leading tax compliance specialist that you can turn to at any time. 

Reduce the tax burden legally

Our tax advice can prevent you from paying a cent more in tax than you need to. We are here to help you preserve your wealth, enhance your income and stimulate business growth. We can also provide you with advice on structuring your business and finances so your heirs face a reduced tax burden.

Focus on what you do best

Going it alone with tax management is a big mistake. Even if you have a great deal of tax knowledge, dealing with these matters yourself can draw you away from the day-to-day running of your business. It’s much better to delegate tax management tasks to us so you can concentrate on what you do best without driving blind.

Remain fully compliant

You don’t need to fall behind on your tax obligations when you opt for our services. Tax planning is an essential part of your financial strategy. This means it must be given the time and attention that it needs. If you fail to keep up with your tax responsibilities, every part of your business could be affected. We can also provide you with quality accounting software so you always know where you stand financially.

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Don’t take risks with tax advice – choose a company with a proven track record that spans several decades. Talk to us today to find out more about our year-round tax management services.Warner Pearson Vandejen & Consultants, PLLC


At Warner Pearson Vandejen & Consultants, PLLC, we can help you become fully compliant with tax and finance laws. We offer compliance advisory services to small businesses, corporations and individuals and can help you avoid paying any more tax than you’re legally obliged to.

Accurate tax compliance advice to protect your business

We know the latest tax legislation inside out. This means we can help you adhere fully to tax laws without overpaying.

Avoid fines and penalties

The services that we provide help you achieve greater financial success whilst helping you avoid tough fines and penalties. We can take care of all your financial needs and worries. We can advise you not only on local tax laws but out-of-state legislation too.

Grow your business compliantly

Running a business without the support of an experienced and highly reputable accountant can be very risky. It’s vital to contact an account as soon as you launch your business. Your account can help you assess your operation, profit margins and target pricing to help you identify the best route forward. They can also advise you on raising finance to grow your business and ensure you remain wholly compliant every step of the way. 

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At Warner Pearson Vandejen & Consultants, PLLC, we offer a range of financial management services to support you whilst you focus on growing and maintaining your business. These include bookkeeping, payroll, planning and managing payables and receivables.


When you opt for our bookkeeping services, you can relax in the knowledge that a leading team are managing your daily transactions on your behalf. Our highly-skilled and experienced bookkeeping professionals will accurately record all the sums coming in and going out of your business and keep track of everything you’re spending money on. We will manage and file all your receipts and invoices so all the financial information you need is available when you need it. 


By choosing our market-leading payroll services, you can ensure that all payments to staff are made accurately and on-time. This helps you maintain good workplace morale and keeps disputes to a minimum.


 We provide financial planning services to help you make the right investments and acquisitions. Our planning services enable you to make informed decisions and reduce risk. They can also help you secure investment and create strategic plans that deliver success. When you plan with us, you can set priorities more effectively, identify milestones to work towards and closely track your progress. Our tax planning services will help you meet all tax deadlines. We can help not only with business planning but estate, pension and retirement planning too. Also available is access to market-leading accountancy software that gives you all the clarity you need, in real-time.

Payables and receivables

Our payables and receivables team are highly skilled at managing supplier and customer invoices. They can spot discrepancies and other issues, help you stay one step ahead of bills and improve your cash flow. They can also chase up invoices on your behalf and cut the cost of managing your invoices in-house.

Secure your long-term future

We are waiting to hear from you now if you need help with achieving true financial success. Don’t drive blind – use an accounting firm with an exceptional track record. We have been in the business for over a quarter of a century. We have helped many growing businesses to secure their long-term futures.

Find out more about our industry-leading financial management services today. Warner Pearson Vandejen & Consultants, PLLC


Our advisory service is designed to support your business in a host of ways. These services give you all the accurate information you need to make vital business decisions that protect your enterprise.

Reporting services

Our reporting services are designed to help directors make informed decisions. We will give you the knowledge, insights, and accurate figures you need to make the right investments and acquisitions that won’t put your business at risk.

Capital fundraising

If you need financial help from outside your business, we can help you with capital fundraising. Investors tend to tread very carefully when it comes to deciding which businesses to invest in,  we will help you stand out from the crowd and assure lenders they’re making the right choice.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can generate big growth, but the wrong choices can put you in a much worse position than you’re currently in. Our financial planning advice will ensure your mergers and acquisitions are carried out at a time that suits your business, so you’re completely prepared to make these investments.

A wealth of services

Get in touch today so we can help you plan your business growth, resolve any problems that you’re facing and provide essential advice on projections, budgets and goals. Also available is assistance with deferred compensation plans, S corporation elections, sales and acquisitions, equipment sales and purchases and selecting the right accountancy software. We can also help you establish inventory control systems, payroll taxes, bookkeeping, pension and profit-sharing plans, international sales and acquisitions, foreign investments, and offshore trusts.

Whether you need day-to-day or monthly financial support, we are here for you.